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Why Plead the Blood


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Instructions On Using The Scripture Keys:


First pray for the person by laying on of hands.  Then verbally repeat these verses three times each, four times a day until the powers of darkness are overcome.  The reason for verbally repeating each verse is because you are addressing first God, secondly Satan, and thirdly, yourself.  Begin each verse “It is written ……………….” just like Jesus did when he addressed Satan.  There is no room for doubt or wavering faith if some of the symptoms are still evident (James 1:6-7).  The blood of the Lamb and the Word of their testimony has won the battle for them (Revelation 12:11).  Anyone can retain a healing if they will do likewise and use the scriptures to ward off the evil powers that would try to rob them of their gifts, miracles from God, the Father.


We have listed below a Table Of Contents if you will for several diseases and infirmities. Click on the link and go the scripture references for that ailment. Memorize those scriptures! Mediate on them. Let them become real to your heart and life.





Baptism of the Holy Spirit Benedictions


Anxiety - Loneliness  

Backsliding Believing vs. Unbelief

Binding and Loosing

Blood of Jesus Boldness Business Problems Child Training Comfort
Comfort for Mourners Confidence Counseling - Godly and Ungodly Deliverance Using God’s Word For a Deeper Walk
Condemnation Confusion Delegated Authority Divorce Farmer’s Provisions
Confession Death Deliverance Faith Fasting    
Deliverance for Alcoholics Deliverance for Smokers Discouragement and Disappointments Faith, Wavering Fear

Fear of Man

Forgiveness Skin Asthma Bed Wetting
Fear of the Lord Hands Abdominal Barrenness


God’s Presence Healing Scripture Keys Allergy - Sinus Back Trouble Burns – Sunburn
Guidance and Direction Alcoholics Arthritis Blood Cancer
Childbirth Diseases Facial Hands Hemorrhoids
Colds Drowning


Hay Fever

Cystitis Eczema Fever Headaches Kidneys
Diabetes Eyes and Ears Flu Heart Disease


Medication and Miracles Mental Poisoning Stuttering Tiredness
Mouth Pain Righteousness Teeth Tumors
Nervous Conditions Palsy, Strokes, Muscular Sleepiness Tic Douloureux Ulcers - Wounds
Warts – Tumors Heartache Intercession Judging Prophets Kingdom of God
Water Retention Hindrances Blocking Answers Judgment - Criticism Loneliness (See Anxiety) Love of Brethren
Wounds Inferiority (See Confidence) Judging - Gift of  Prophecy Lost Articles Father's Love and Care
Strength Trust


Wisdom Will of God
Temptation Voices, Was That You, Lord Weight Control Prosperity Powers of Darkness



Pharmacia (Sorcery, Drugs )

Rebellion vs. Obedience Salvation
Praise and Thanks Prayer Protection



Tithing Peace Voices, Testing Visions Patience


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